Apple Watch needs a battery for longer 

More than anything else, including steps, active minutes, and what I’ve noticed more is ensuring the sleep is enough to get rest every day.
It’s been an issue while in 2020-2021, working from home is on track. The WatchOS software and latest watch from Apple-focused, in addition to other things, on adding sleep tracking that could help make sleep time plans more customary. Well, it’s great, except the battery life of the Apple Watch gets in the way.

Of all the fitness wearables and trackers, and if we compare with some alternated between some wearable and trackers including the Fitbit Sense, the Oura Ring, Withings Scanwatch, and Amazon Halo band, the Apple Watch has been dead toward the end in battery life.

I would say about Apple Watch that it requires new health sensors or any other medically approved metrics such as blood pressure. Though, indeed, at first, it requires better battery life. The watch has a battery to run for a day and a half straight on a charge, but it’s a matter of sorting out when that second would be. It requires at least 30 minutes to get together a reasonable measure of charge.

For 2021, Apple Watch finally needs a battery that lasts longer than a day  - CNET

The Apple Watch consumers may state: charge it consistently, what’s the issue. But it’s not all that simple when you’re wearing a gadget all night and, as far as anyone knows, tracking your sleep, however.

Also, we can’t say that battery life is always the perfect answer, either. It’s not difficult to forget about how long more a ring or a watch can last. Apple could either, perhaps, put in a larger battery or, on the other hand, add a lower-power mode or another chip that assists with battery.
If you would miss a single day or track with Oura or Fitbits or even the Halo Band or anything else, you don’t charge daily. You can still have more days or even hours, and battery life makes a difference.