How To Change A Catheter Bag To A Leg Bag

How To Change A Catheter Bag To A Leg Bag. In this episode learn how to change and maintain a urine bag. To disconnect or change your drainage bag follow these steps:

What is a catheter? from

• connect overnight bag to outlet at bottom of leg bag Changing your leg bag safely involves 5 easy steps: Gather supplies and put them in a clean space close to the patient.

• Pinch The Catheter Above The Drainage Bag.

Learn how to care for your loved one with this series specially made for caregivers. The video describes the supplies you will need to clean and change your bag. Hang the bag to dry until switching bags again.

This Video Demonstrates How To Change Your Urinary (Foley) Catheter Drainage Bag, A Plastic Bag That Collects Your Urine.

It collects all the urine produced during the day and becomes heavier as it fills. Please refer to the printed materials given to you by your. This video from memorial sloan kettering cancer center demonstrates how to change your foley® catheter urinary drainage bag.learn about msk:

Emptying A Catheter Bag Isn’t The Most Pleasant Job In The World, But Fortunately, It’s Relatively Quick And Straightforward.

Gather supplies and put them in a clean space close to the patient. Once the bag is empty, shake the end of the valve inside the urinal to shake off any excess drips. If using a leg bag, empty the bag every 2 or 3 hours to prevent the weight of the urine dragging on the catheter.

Wash Your Hands With Warm Soapy Water And Dry Them.

A leg bag will have to be emptied frequently because it is not as big as the large bag. Clean the tip with an alcohol pad, wiping away from the opening to avoid getting the tube dirty. Remove the leg bag and attach a drainage bag for nighttime use, using the steps above.

The Leg Bag Is Worn Around Your Calf Or Thigh.

This bag can be used when you go out of your house because the smaller bag is easily hidden beneath your clothing. A leg bag for day time use and a night bag, usually larger, for use in bed. Insert the tip in the catheter tube.

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