Starting Sentence With Conjunction Comma

Starting Sentence With Conjunction Comma. The seven coordinating conjunctions are and, but, or, yet, so, nor, and for. “and they began to race.” “for he was a happy lad.” “but no one could cook as well.” “yet here.

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It’s fine to start a sentence with a conjunction, but make sure you use the right one for the job and that it links back meaningfully to the previous sentence. Another common “rule” conjunctions follow is when they are used to begin a sentence there is no comma following the conjunction. If you start a sentence with the conjunction .

However, It Is Possible—Just Don’t Use A Comma After It.

The most obvious answer to this question is, yes, of course you can begin a sentence with a conjunction. no one is stopping you, and the grammar police are not an actual organization. As in the previous example, convert the introductory subordinate clause in the first sentence into a main clause, and insert a conjunction to change the main clause to a subordinate one: Starting sentences with conjunctions, particularly when they refer to a previous sentence, is not a problem.

“And They Began To Race.” “For He Was A Happy Lad.” “But No One Could Cook As Well.” “Yet Here.

All three sentences in this paragraph start with with. The seven coordinating conjunctions are and, but, or, yet, so, nor, and for. (except for rhetorical or narrative effect.

You Will Use A Comma When You Begin A Parenthetical Pause, As Lincoln Did With His “In A.

Although many people were taught to avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction, all major style guides say that doing so is fine. When a sentence starts with an adverb that modifies the main verb, standard american english almost always allows (and in some cases requires) a comma after the adverb. There is nothing wrong with starting sentences with “and,” “but,” or other similar conjunctions.

When A Fanboys Is Joining Phrases, No Comma Is Needed—But You Can Opt To Have A Comma For Stylistic Reasons.

He must do it, whether he likes it or not. Actually, most of the time you can skip the comma after an opening coordinating conjunction. Changing the pace of a passage of text (since a period typically creates a longer pause than a comma, allowing writers to create tension or present a sentence as an afterthought).

It's Perfectly Ok To Begin A Sentence With A Conjunction.

Make sure you choose the one that makes sense for what you want to say. Coordinating conjunctions are the fanboys: When a fanboys is joining independent clauses, you will need the comma.

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